Ravggon “Govva”

//www.youtube.com/embed/t7TwwHh9L-8Vocals: Milla Elmiina Pulska

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English translation:


What is far-reaching?
for others tomorrow is enough
and for others nothing is
should something last forever?

Where is the finger of blame
highest eye, lowest judgement
should one always seek something
what if he doesn’t care

Why do I keep collecting duties
isn’t it enough if I eat and sleep
but I raise citizens
and save the world, save the world

Why I ride with disregard
isn’t it enough if I criticize others
but I’m a cold image of human being
better than the others, better than the others

Everything’s invented
everything’s masticated
tried hard, then given in
travelled from edge to edge
mediocrity stripped hollow

Development develops
once in a while stumbles into a wall
human is smarter than animal
telephone is smarter than human

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