Vote for the best music video of 2022

The year 2022 ended a few days ago. Now you get the opportunity to vote for last year’s best music video from Sápmi. The last day to vote is January 31, 2023. The winner will be announced later this year.

Link to pollen can be found at the bottom of these posts.

  1. Ella Sikku – Sjunka ner och tillbaka

Video Production: Tobias Stjernström, Sigster Pictures

Video Producer: Björn Pettersson Thuuri, Heart of Sound

The music video is produced through the Young Artist Malmfälten project

2. Maxida Märak – Dimma (feat. Melissa Horn)

Video by Martin Åhlin.

3. AMOC x Ailu Valle ft. Hildá Länsman & Heidi Gauriloff – Steehlaž kååvas

Producers: Ville Fofonoff, Ailu Valle, Amoc

Manuscript: Ailu Valle, Amoc, Ville Fofonoff.

Cinematography: Ville Fofonoff

3. Ville Söderbaum – Bearjadat (ft. Hildá Länsman)

Andres Elzaar’s music video to ”Bearjadat”. Video and music produced by Rieban Bernt Mikkel Haglund.

Thanks to everyone who voted. The winner will be revealed later in February.

You could vote here in January:

The winner receives a beautiful prize from the Sami company…

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