Áidna – Romsa

The artist Áidna released his first album Viimmat this winter (translation: Finally). One of the songs Romsa has received a music video. The song about the Norwegian city Tromso or Romsa in Sami is not recorded in Tromso. What do you think about that? Leave a comment. Her songs can be found on Spotify.

Listen to Jarŋŋa’s beautiful music

Katarina Rimpi and Mandy Senger have the band Jarŋŋa together.. They have only released two albums. The latest was released in 2020. Listen to their beautiful music on the latest album Edge of Time on Spotify. On the album Edge of Time, they have also collaborated with Cris Gera from Zimbawe, Helle Thun from Denmark… Continue reading Listen to Jarŋŋa’s beautiful music

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