Sofia Jannok sings at the Swedish artist Kristian Anttilas new song Septemberskyar/September skies. It is available on Itunes and Spotify. It’s a beautiful song in Swedish. Kristian Anttila sings in Sami in Sofia Jannok pop song Golmma almmi baján – Thunder of Three Heavens. You can find the song on the album Áphi.

Official Trailer: Jojkfeber (Yoik Fever)

Jojkfeber (Yoik Fever) is a new Norwegian documentary film about the young sámi girl Ylva how want to learn yoik. Here you can read more about the film that has world premiere here today, Oct. 18, at Imagine Native in Toronto, Canada. The film is directed by Ellen-Astrid Lundby.

New music video from Sofia Jannok

Sofia Jannok´s new video Áphi (Wide as oceans) has released today. In this video you can see photos from two sami conflicts, Alta controversy in Norway and Gállok/Kallak controversy in Sweden.

New festival in Umeå

Next year it will be a music festival in Umeå, Sweden. The festival will take place 19-? july. How long the festival will be and which artists want to see live, you can’t influence. Send a email to any of eight different artistic leaders and tell them which sami artist who you want see live.… Continue reading New festival in Umeå

Pictures of sami artists

My photo of Sami artists can you found here:!home I hope you like them. I will upload new ones as soon as I can.

Live: Lovisa Negga

Under Vintermarknaden i Jokkmokk 2013 spelade Lovisa Negga vid ett flertal tillfällen. Sveriges radio spelade in en av konserterna. Kolla in HÄR. Foto: Marica Blind/Hálgu

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