Sápmis best music video 2020 is Buot eallá

Dear readers, you have voted for Kajsa Balto’s music video Buot eallá for Sápmi’s best music video of 2020. The beautiful music video is made by photographer Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen.

The beautiful music video is recorded on Norwegian Sápmi. In the interviews that you can hear below, Kajsa Balto and Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen tell more about the music video.

Winner interviews – Sápmi’s best music video 2020

Vinnarintervjer – Sápmis bästa musikvideo 2020

Photographer Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen. Photo: Private.
Kajsa Balto. Photo: Ørjan Marakatt Bertelsen

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Before next year’s vote, I want to collaborate with a festival or organization. Contact me if you are interested in a collaboration. //HH

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