Children’s songs against bullying

The Norwegian television channel NRK releases a song against bullying every year. In recent years, they have also translated these into Sami and had a Sami artist record them. Here you can watch and dance to the songs. BlimE! – Bávkkanas with Elin Oskal BlimE! – Boerehke with Åvla Oainnán du with Vegard Bjorsmo

Áidan has released a new music video

The song Sápmelaččat was included on Áidan’s debut album Viimmat which was released earlier this year. In Sápmelaččat, the singer and actor Mikkel Gaup also joys. And together they create a fantastic song.

Sofia Jannok sings on TV

The artist Sofia Jannok performs the song “Mitt skinn och ben” in the Swedish TV show “Go’kväll”.

Ánnámáret has released a new music video

Ánnámáret has released a new music video. The song Aski (Shelter) is one of the 10 songs on the album Nieguid douvdagt released this year. Nieguid douvdagt you can listen to Spotify and other streaming apps.

Listening to Dear Sara

The Sami artist sings in English but her music videos are recorded in Swedish Sápmi. If you like her music, you can listen to more songs on Spotify. The songs are also available on other streaming services.

A song about Slid

I do not know this artist very well. But on Facebook you can read that the singer’s name is Heidi U ‘ljan Gauriloff and she sings in Skolt Saami. She also wrote the text. The music is made by Niki Rasmus. This is how they explain what a Slid is: Sild is a mythological figure,… Continue reading A song about Slid

A yoik concert from Norway

Every year an Easter festival is held in Kautokeino in Norway. Because the festival could not be held as usual this year due to the pandemic and there for that they arranged the digital concert instead. Listen and enjoy this yoik concert.

Kitok sings about a car that drives slowly

Kitok is a Sami artist who sings and rapes in Swedish. This song is about EPA tractor. EPA is a car that can not be driven faster than 30 km / h. Many teenagers in Sweden drive this car.The song is about these young people and their cars.

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