A song about Slid

I do not know this artist very well. But on Facebook you can read that the singer’s name is Heidi U ‘ljan Gauriloff and she sings in Skolt Saami. She also wrote the text. The music is made by Niki Rasmus.

This is how they explain what a Slid is: Sild is a mythological figure, a spring elf and fortune teller. He is sought and listened to by a sacred spring where a lot of archangelica grows. Sild can tell what life will be like, for better or worse. You must not be frightened and run away as he can grab and take you with him to the spring. And you should not be greedy! He must never be listened to a second time or you may lose everything.

You can read more about Heidi U ‘ljan Gauriloff and the song Slid on Skaidd’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skaidd.music

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