Here are the songs that compete to be the best of the year

1 . Vildá: Vildaluodda

2. Maxida Märak: Hatar

3. ISÁK: Seammá Seammá

4. Felgen Orkester: Nilsen

5. Ivan Buljo feat. Ingá Mária Blind: Dutnje

6. Keiino: Spirit in the sky

7. Akkil: Vihtta jagi

8. Anthoni Hætta: Mu Ustit

9. Kevin Boine: Aurora

10. DJ Ailo feat Saara Hermansson – Niekedem

I’m sorry I didn’t find a music video. But you can listen to it on Spotify.

Here you can vote for the best song of the year.

Vote is love <3


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